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Suicide? There Is A Better Way - Poem by Luke Easter

We just started a ritual this Mother’s Day,
Every night the family will come together & pray,
Then each member will read a bible scripture,
This is our new creative spiritual picture.

Everyone will get to comment on said verse,
It’s totally impromptu there’s no time to rehearse,
Even if there’s only two taking part in the family,
Christ Jesus is always in the midst to make it three.

At the hairdresser yesterday my daughter overheard,
Some very painful and utterly distressing words,
From the parent of a teenager just like you and me,
Her daughter had hung herself in the middle of the week.

This girl called her mom on Wednesday afternoon,
Mother found it strange she had called so soon,
The 16-year-old said, “Mom, I love you” like any other day,
Thoughts of, why so early, almost went away.

Mom called her son saying, “go check on your sis, ”
Again, “no mom I really love you” something was amiss,
She had never called before repeating anything like this,
Was it because she rushed to work forgetting their c-ya later kiss?

The brother found his sister hanging from a ceiling fan,
The girl seemed so happy & stable, no one could understand,
Tomorrow morning the life of another troubled soul will be laid to rest,
To comfort the family everyone will try and do their best.

Children, oh children, what on earth must we do?
Can’t always be home with them, then forever in school,
Other students and friends need to reach out and touch,
Just one word or act of caring for another can mean so much.

Listen up everyone, not just students but the adults too,
You never know from the outside what the inside is going through,
It’s not asking much to say, “Hey what’s shakin, how’s it goin with you? '
Is being involved by showing concern and kindness so very hard to do?

Satan is like a little mouse; he only needs a small crack,
Once inside your mind, that rodent turns into a rat,
It doesn’t matter how high or low on the food chain you’re at,
It takes faith through the love of God to turn any devil back.

A popular thing now, is to send and receive a cell phone text,
Instead of useless gossip or demeaning someone’s ex,
Why not pass on bible scripture and make it a game?
In 10 words or less after reading this verse can you explain?

Stop meeting on your break or after school to pass around a smoke,
Maybe a deserted ally to share a drink and the latest dirty joke,
Sitting in front of the tube cursing because you can’t find the remote,
Don’t turn into reality the old saying “I just got off the boat.”

Gather your family and/or friends together, pick one day,
Encourage each one to speak their mind and honestly say,
This is not the time to get upset when something is said,
And it does not gel with what’s going on inside your head.

Whether their thoughts are good or especially painful and bad,
The reason you are united is because suicide is so sad,
Remember, one small act of kindness can go a very long way,
To make or break the future of another person's day.

So easily we forget how God wants to be involved in our lives,
By doing the same with others you just might stop a suicide,
No, you probably won’t see an immediate reward my brethren,
However, just imagine how great your treasure will be in heaven.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 14, 2006

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