Bellaina Bella Hernandez

Rookie (4-17-1994 / California)

Sun And Moon - Poem by Bellaina Bella Hernandez

Sun shine, no longer shinning
instead its cloudy
sun tears falling
asked him why hes crying
He said:

Because My Love isnt here
shes no in sight
she left my side
so now i shed these tears'

Who is this perfect she?
why did she leave?

'She is the perfect beauty
The Moon, oh so lovely
She leaves all the time
She's the light at night'

She'll come back soon
I know it cause shes the Moon
Shes bound to come back to you

'I know its so
but i'll only have two
night to hold
before she has to go'

Two night a week,
month or year to see
your lovely beauty?

'year, with two nights
to get a chance to hold her tight
and to have her insight'

What are those town nights?

'Eclipse and Equinox
spring and fall
days I look forward to all-
the entire year
until then i shed tears'

Cant you leave
and go to she?

'If i do
as i desire to
all life willcease
because life counts on me
and my beauty
to maintain life peacefully
and living'

How long have you been together?

'I been here since ever
a day that she came, I'll always remember
Days always shinning with my light
Her she comes, making night
Since that day I loved her with all my might
and waiting for those two nights
You wont beleive it but i remember
she didnt always have those creators
Once was smooth
and still lovely too
and I always linger
to have her
longing for
the kiss of hers
the spring is here
soon dried up all my tears
but still lingers
my fears
of her leaving
again and not returning
until the fall
or not at all'

How can you fear so?
Shes the perfect one for you, you know
I bet she waits too
for those lovely nights with you
I believe and know
She wont let you go
You two are perfectly made
No other best chosen mate

'I fear so because
it remains in my mind
just the fear of loss
to what is mine
But maybe your right
she'll come back some night
soon and fast
because together
our lives will last
then, now, forever
although I'll only have
two nights with her
I will shower
love to her
make her know
i will never let her go
and have everyday
while she passes by
notice i love her all the time
and that she's my Hottest month, May'

Now thats wonderful to hear!
Dear Sun, whats going
to happen when shes near?

'I will tell and do
everything I said
I want her to see proof
that i love her to teh end
It may be only two nights
but those nights are life times
when thinking upon
such beauty and love
as her not mine'

Will you do anything Romantic?

'Ofcourse, the Moon is romance
if you havent noticed yet
Moon made romance not man
But we will have star-lit
sky, and the Milky Way
would be playing
soft music to Moon's liking
We'll be watching the beach
with the waves come and go
I'll make it the best night
out of Moon's whole life
Just so she knows
I love her so'

And at that
He stopped His tears
from hitting us here
on this reath
Because he went to prepare
their night together
That day I'll always remember
my conversation of Sun and Moon
Perfect Lovers

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