Sun That Watered Muds Poem by Paul Mwenelupembe

Sun That Watered Muds

Sun that watered muds
Deepen in curtains and windows converse of the mud, the mud day deep in the muds days and walk to Mr walker faded lyrics mood activation and
If you spoke often it later happened on base minds of shush movies heading down the river winding journey.

Sun that watered muds
Clear sky, and the greening way visiting the minds, riding on meandered river, the nineth canal, circling grave yard but it passed that home. Call and calling PAPs, down the boots spoke to like heavy stones sniffed the busy minds. You might look a walk after your GPS measure double click and go, for that day in the sun bursting daylights. This nature would mimic green fuilds nested in weeds showing the way to a dead end canal.

The sun that watered muds
From the second day, the night was a water day, and smiled down earthly made heavens in human centipede joy. The sky of heat down boots heavy lift and lifting, a crossing deep water wash the river propelling day. The river banks in small float the double clicking minds, a passing cloud, the PAPs callers day and finished the dead end canal

As I was on government duty to measure all parcel of land aligned within the proposed water canal number nine at chikwawa, it was a mud day but sunny. it was difficult to walk in such muds but to our rescue the sun gradually penetrated in the soil. We got very tired because of the work: recording Project Affected Persons(PAPs) , sizes of their fuilds etc. We crossed the river with water flow at mild speed up until we finished the canal in two days!
Paul Mwenelupembe

Paul Mwenelupembe

Queens Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi
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