Sunlight Through The Office Window Poem by JAMES ROBERTS

Sunlight Through The Office Window

Rating: 4.8

I sit in this place
and through desk diary do trace
the filligres of light
Forgetting all sensations
except those produced by sight

Then-past and presant in this moment umite
Upon my dreary diary
And the strong temptation to sleep I fight
So I can write of History
Which just one week old seems long grown cold
And worthless to beast or me

Now next weeks appointments seem
A life time away
So why record then now
As when my mind wont stay
nor my imagination play
with thoughts of the here and now
But go and rest upon the crest
of some distant sunny brow! !

Patricia Gale 10 November 2008

A moment well captured!

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Fay Slimm 15 October 2008

A moment in time Jim - just captured in such a way with your poet's pen that it takes the reader with you into each phrase and leaves us with just a little of your heart. Well done. I love the word filigree and glad you used that where you did 10 from Fay

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Thomas Kurkoski 10 October 2008

Very nice concept, one I think we all can relate to as writers/poets. And just the right length to make the point without overkilling it! Cheers, Thomas

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Marilyn Lott 10 October 2008

I write in my ledger every single night - just jot down my thoughts, my accomplishments for the day etc. and it's fun to read back and think forward to tomorrow. I enjoyed this, James. A '10! ' from me as well. Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Lynda Robson 10 October 2008

Nice dreamy piece, the sunlight playing with your thoughts, thanks James, 10 for you Lynda xx

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