The Approaching Season Poem by JAMES ROBERTS

The Approaching Season

Rating: 4.9

Now winter nights grow long.
Full to the brim with blustery hours,
And clouds their lightning discharge
Upon the office towers.
And rain does now and again,
Dimple the sandy plage
Let now the fires blaze,
And cups over flow with wine;
Let our well-tuned poetry amaze
With harmony divine.
Then yellow waxen street so bright
Shall shine on honeyed love,
While love revealed, in the fire light
Comforts and bequites
Sleep’s leaden spells shall not remove.
Loves pleasures and delights
Which is at times all we have
To shorten winters nights

Marilyn Lott 01 October 2008

This poem flows as naturally as the seasons. I loved it. A '10! ' from me, James! Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Lynda Robson 01 October 2008

This very well penned piece is warming and conjurs images of winter nights sat by the fire warm and cosy, thanks James, Lynda xx *10*

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Fay Slimm 12 December 2008

I love this one Jim - it has the quiet serene feel of the darker season and the difference between. The sense of the lines is refined to a knife-edged description of what we exdpect in the winter months....... well written... and top marks.... from Fay......10 + + +

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Meggie Gultiano 05 December 2008

a very well penned write.Love this

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Martin Swords 03 October 2008

Very Betjeman opening. Lovely poem. See 'Autumnal' Thank you.

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Ency Bearis 01 October 2008

well narrated poem..nice write and to read..great verses... Ency Bearis

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Fay Slimm 01 October 2008

This reads so well Jim - written with an archaic word form and feels cosy and warm with approaching winter and it's 'blustery hours' well accounted for. First rate verse. Kindest wishes from Fay.

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