Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

Sunset - Poem by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

I know, it's sunset spreading about,
Long shadows invade every nook on earth;
The peak of noon is slipping from sight,
Dusk in air is filling from sides.

Tired and frustrated, I stare dark sky
And try to figure you in shapes of clouds
That float on winds unfathomably far
And change shapes in failing light.

The path you coursed along my life,
Thro' cruel terrains in rough weather
Wallows in layers of falling night,
You look distant, from another life.

The breeze is cool, oft freezes me,
And I dip to sleep oblivious of you;
As carpet of darkness smothers me,
I see you through it and bitterly cry.

My memories fail, tired body quails,
Night only spreads larger every hour;
No hope: I ever give you due light,
Nor morn and joy of pure sunshine.

Those sights, songs you sang for me,
Mere strains in the womb of night now;
I try to stretch, grab you from night,
But, alas, mere air I find in my hands.

Across the nightfall, somewhere I know,
You sit desolate with tears in eyes;
No strength I have, no light anywhere,
To reach to wipe tears from you.

Long night ahead is in front of us,
How long is this night we have no clue;
New dawn how pit us in coming world,
Never we know, nor anybody else.

How love, loyalty, devotion, sacrifice,
So laden in blood, tears and toil,
Vanish in night and dip to nought
And snap the chord we built in blood?

Nothing is lost in this god's world,
So is your love and total sacrifice;
Be it day or night, survive somewhere,
And bond our lives at right time.

High and low strengthen our bond,
Bring dawn's nascency at intervals;
The dip of dusk is prelude to dawn,
We emerge like sun in stronger bond.

Lose not, o, my love, your courage,
We are dragged on a testing ground;
I assure, we rise with divine laurels
And teach all worlds what love truly is.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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