Sunset At Sunrise Poem by Aaron Marchant

Sunset At Sunrise

Rating: 3.9

The light is fading on this life
only a flicker now remains
Instinct tries to stoke the fire
but reason wants to damp the flames

Too many times, a new resolve
to ask for less and be content
has led me to a barren place
where friendship, love and hope are spent

All that's left with me, is pride
that spiteful, importuning pest
that pokes and prods me through the night
and will not grant me rest

But in the morning, golden sun
and for a moment I forget
and muse a while on younger days
when noble dreams could still be met

When love seemed like a certainty
and justice was assured
and youth would last eternally
and old age seemed absurd

Sunset At Sunrise
Sunday, October 28, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: time
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