Aaron Marchant Poems

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Summer friends now fall away with autumn leaves
Yet I, the last man standing,
will stay faithful to our covenant of kinder days.
I still see the warm smiles of summer eyes

Sunset At Sunrise

The light is fading on this life
only a flicker now remains
Instinct tries to stoke the fire
but reason wants to damp the flames


You fell in love with somebody
who looked something like me
A fiction of your own creation
An ersatz, pseudo simulacrum

May Day In England

May day in England, the sun smiling wide
new leaf unfurling and catkins beside
wildflowers dancing like children at play
All this can be seen on an English May day

Enduring Passions?

I remember beauty and her captivating smile
I met her in my early teens, she loved me for a while
I knew that she was fickle but hoped she'd remain a friend
But deep down, always knew that she would leave me in the end

Close Of Day

Suddenly there's calm.
A sincere smile at journey's end
No trepidation now.
No more need of hope or use for tears.

A Songbird Silenced (For J.C)

March 8th 1860. Northampton General Asylum
Dear Sir
I am in a Madhouse & quite forget your Name or who you are. You must excuse me for I have nothing to communicate or tell of & why I am shut up I don't know
I have nothing to say so I conclude

'If' Millennial Edition (With Apologies To R. K.)

If you can stay in bed when all about you
are leaving theirs 'cause they have work to do.
If you expect your dad to pay bills for you,
but still insist on an allowance too


Young eagle gliding high today
Emperor of all you survey
Your minions fear that steely glare
and wait in turn to take their share

A Forgotten Spell

When first, did the magic subside?
Our world of gentle alchemy.
Was it an illusion of youth,
that expectant synchronicity?

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