Sunshine Rain, My Love And My Happiness Poem by Gayatri Phukan

Sunshine Rain, My Love And My Happiness

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In the verandah where the sunshine do not run around in summer
It crawls and giggles during winter
I feel happy with the verandah.
The sunshine sprinkle dream on the face.
I keep sitting on the verandah nibbling at the pen
Praying for a few words
The love of sunshine
Attempts to climb up my body
Holding on to the fingers.
The sunshine on the verandah becomes my dearest
And I turn into the happiest person in the world
I spread out on the sunshine
My limbs and the exhausted mind
The limbs that suddenly tingles
As I climb the stairs
Are refreshed by the sunshine
How I quiver in summer
As the sunshine touch my body
And forget how I lay writhing at midnight
As my bedroom turns into an oven by the heat released from the roof
Forgetting everything
Gradually I fall in love
With the winter sunshine.
I'd start detesting the sunshine
As summer rolls in
The sunshine would make me sweat
The stink of sweat would upset me.
But I cannot still hate it
It would bring respite
After a bout of incessant downpour
Clear the streets
The nauseatingly stinking clothes
Would be embraced by the sunshine
My dearest trees, flowering plants would come to life
But one cannot detest the rain after all
The shower coming down
After a stinging day of sunshine
Or on a dusty winter day
I would love like a dream
Embrace like a lover
No, none can be hated
Sunshine, rain and love.

-Gayatri Phukan
-Translated by Bibekananda Choudhury

Dr Antony Theodore 06 November 2018

I would love like a dream Embrace like a lover No, none can be hated Sunshine, rain and love...Everything in nature has a reason. that is your philosophy which you are trying to spread in this poem. all that is negative and positive in nature merges into the reasoning that everything has a reason.. very fine thinking. tony

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Gayatri Phukan 17 December 2018

thank you Dr.Tony Brahmin

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