Gayatri Phukan Poems

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The image of a nude woman has gone viral
In social media
Her beloved man
Has put under hammer

The Paramour Moon And The Eunuch Nights

On the full moon night
The moon puts on the red dress
The eunuch nights lie still like a log
The moon embraces a heartful of unbearable sorrow

A vermilion evening
I came back
from that river side..
When I came back,

The rains clean up the morning

Breaking the pleasant drowsiness
Sprinkle dream in the field

Am wandering carrying a Sun in my heart
Sometimes getting singed in sunshine
Some other times enjoying its warmth
Wandering around

As the molested Earth weeps
The Sun fumes in fury
The rain revolts
Which place is free of molestation

Short Poem

I longed to meet you
Had I met you
I'd perhaps taken your hands
In my ensconced hands

Empty Circle

Empty Circle

Gayatri Phukon
(Translated from Assamese into English by: Shakil Ahmed.)



Sunshine is too proud
It spreads everywhere

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