Ray Lucero

Tad & The Bullfrog King - Poem by Ray Lucero

Bullfrog King did summon Tad
“I have a task for you young lad”
“A task for me? Egad! ” said Tad
“Fetch your club and kilt of plaid”

“I’ll teach you how to public speak
You’ll learn the art of war
One day you’ll be my president
By then you’ll know the score”

Years passed, Tad became a frog
‘You’re ready now” said Bullfrog King
Come sit by me and sip some grog
Today I’ll give to you my signet ring”

“You’ll campaign, with speeches thrill
Then there will be a sham election
You’ll landslide win and beat my shill
There will be no ballot box inspection”

“When in command, you’ll do my bidding
Through my shrewd, hand-picked cronies
Just look good and lie Tad, I’m not kidding
Heed my generals and assorted phonies”

Tad went on to be elected, as planned
The Bullfrog King was very pleased
A cry of hope did raise thru-out the land
Frogs knew not their pond dis-eased

On campaign promises Tad did renege
Followed in the footsteps of him before
While bankers and military danced a jig
Tad’s actions were to heinous to ignore

King made plans to rule all world ponds
He’d name the plan “A New World Order”
With all frog liberties he would abscond
Tad became his World Prison-Warder

Many frogs rebelled, many did comply
Jailed & tortured, some were euthanized
Toad mercenaries were hired to pacify
Frogs wailed, gnashed teeth n’ agonized

The FROG GOD was faced with a dilemma
What would He do to stop such madness?
He decided to give all the ponds an enema
To help restore peace, harmony, gladness

He unleashed a torrent to flood the earth
Made every tiny pond part of a raging sea
“Behold I make all things new by rebirth'
“A New Beginning” He Chuckled Affably

He reached down to Earth for a pinch of mud
From this He fashioned skin, bone and blood
Into a “New frog” and placed him in a puddle
From frogs rib he made some changes subtle

With male and female frogs complete
“It is Finished, My Love’s Replete”


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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 29, 2009

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