Taiwan Loves-Cauchy3

Taiwan loves…
Beds are tools and loves are pets.
Beefs to laws are loving cases.
Bail to domes as free and melt.
Cores are sweet as forth and fares.

Smooth to smooth are quickly burn.
Heats to heats are ways to jump.
Crumbs are round about to eat.
Nuts are flexes to stroke on each.

Cite the cliffs the merits to reach.
Cite the whole the loves to teach.
Southern charms are fanny girls.
Magic spells are gifts my sticks.

Cauchy3 will cash in wonder chips.
Case around is going ticks.
Cash the china stamps as fools.
Date the whole is china wounds.

Date the whole as Taiwan pitches.
Date the Taiwan she with styles.
Doggy men are nature pinned.
Books in styles to live and tied.

Cauchy3 has batches as living notes.
Games of coats return my loves.
Arms of coats are early works.
Eat the Taiwan she on boxes.

Eat the Taiwan early doors.
Feel the FROGGY feeling good.
Feel my breadths a width in home.
Greasy elbows easy come.

Taiwan elbows feel the rooms.
Funny channels all are tones.
Woody nurses are all as nude.
News to pick is sold as tills.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---