Joe Nemeth

Teleprompters - Poem by Joe Nemeth

I can still remember trying, to make a good first impression,
But now I'm dying, dying to show you who I really am,
Put on a bright face and tuck away all the stress 'n' depression,
But in the process I barricaded the real me behind some invisible dam.

See your smile every time we talk,
Every time it reminds me, how you think I'm something I'm not,
And how I have to talk this talk and walk this walk,
Let the real me watch while some imposter ties all the truths into knots,
Even though I can't hold on to this facade, I can't give it a break,
Still acting like someone else, someone who isn't real, someone made up and fake.

Why I'd ever put on this act in the first place, I'll never know,
Nervousness, didn't think I was good enough for the likes of you,
Made a plan to make up someone else, not let who I am show,
It worked a little too good, 'cause you don't know, don't even have a clue.

But I decided to take a risk and told everything I was scared to,
Showed you my life, even though I was terrified of your judgement, your sentence,
Hearing your tone when it all settles in, wondering what you'd do,
Let go, 'cause I'm finally outta the fake role, just pray for some repentance,
So now you know that I'm no one to look up to, underneath this calm composure,
You can see whats really going on now, after I committed to my exposure.

Then I hear your response, raise me up after I fell,
'That’s where your wrong, if you tried to protect me from all this,
you went through Hell for me, so there’s really no secret here to tell.'
Its comfort, like finally being home, unbearable stress shatters and melts away to bliss

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 8, 2010

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