Telling The Truth

Every minute of our lives, we face a question
They say, its important that we answer it
And we begin looking for a perfect reply
No matter how false or unsuited for us it is.

A casual answer, though it is the truth
We believe causes disregard to our personality
But, how will any of us feel proud
Of qualities that never were or will be reality?

When the time comes for discussions and debates
Like what bothers us in today's big world
We'd never tell them we wanna get a handsome salary
Just recall issues of socialism or India's flag, upside down, unfurled.

It was no matter of shame if we actually thought
Of crimes and injustice that's being done out there
But, if we are not really interested to peep in
Why to pretend that we do care?

Whom are we showing our fake love and understanding?
There's perhaps no body who'd appreciate it after all
For, the same pretension is for them too
So that someday they'd get a social service committee's call.

Believe me, its much easier to get in the habit
Of telling the truth, however silly
For, only one person is to appreciate it
God, who loves truth dearly.