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Fear Of The Dark

Everything in this world comes to leave
However huge a trouble its departure may give
Even the sunlight disappears in the clouds
And so do many people, in the crowds.

I Know

The eyes that guide me,
The hands that hold me,
The words that support me,
They are yours I know!

In The Night

The stars above me, why do they shine so bright?
When deep within me, there's not a bit of light.
Each tear dropp that rolls from my eye,
Makes my soul a little more dry.

An Ordinary Heartbreak

I asked him what was the right thing to do,
To love him still or start anew,
He turned his back and went away
I knew he wouldn't, yet wished he'd stay.

Telling The Truth

Every minute of our lives, we face a question
They say, its important that we answer it
And we begin looking for a perfect reply
No matter how false or unsuited for us it is.

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Nidhi Rajesh Kumari, better known as Nidhi Kumari was born on October 23,1996 in a small town called Gaya in Bihar, India to Mr. and Mrs. Rajesh Kumar. She completed her elementary education from Kirk View Kindergarten, Gaya and joined Nazareth Academy for school education. She is currently studying in the 9th grade of Nazareth. Nidhi loves composi ...

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