Telling The Truth Poem by Alexander Julian

Telling The Truth

The dictionary contains words and sentences made by liars.
So, literary definitions can be questioned.
You can't find out truth when alone.
A critic is needed to put something in dispute.
Lies are made about lies.
In fact, lies about lies can end up being the truth.
Existence of variables may help us understand the better source.
Yes-and-no questions don't always help- answers often lack evidence.
By performing analysis instead of giving the conclusion, evidence can be made.
However, the analysis must have truths to begin with.
People talk about "cleaning their mess" after creating it in the first place.
If no one ever told us it was a mess then how would we see it?
Here's one way people gamble: tossing around opinions and seeing what happens.
This bears false witness since evidence isn't seen prior to dispute.
Guys shouldn't deny evidence without giving some themselves.
And, "evidence" is often a label used for dominance.
Disorderly conduct is a cause for fictional evidence when someone is desperate.
It's a truthful fact that Earth heats up and so any opposition to it is false.
Opponents really ignore their own libel.
Cancer isn't just a disease; humans can't always handle the truth.
Actually there's not just going to be a case of handling anything.
Unfortunately, discoveries aren't exactly permanent to a society's knowledge.
One can hear words, mix up the words heard, and give false clues.
"Reading between the lines" can lead to response in lies.
You may tell me I have to "get it" when I don't want to "get it".
The "it" factor can just be prejudice in disguise of truth.
Besides, what is "it" anyway?
Lacking focus for such a word is a bad habit.
Focus itself becomes corrupted from playthings of imaginary thinking.
So, you're not going to become a philosopher just from "thinking".
"I think, therefore I am"- no, you think, therefore you think!
It can take years and years for realization to hit.
Think about it- if you know something right now, why does school take years to do?
False information must be seen for the contrast.
Completely avoiding false information leads to prejudice of false information.
Truth should be known after results shed light upon the globe.
Maybe we need to stop being so enthusiastic about "space exploration".
Yes, space exploration involves results, but we have to get moving first.
An explorer can also get tangled with questionable elements of surprise for light.
Now someone doesn't just know the truth because he is "surprised".
By surprise, anything can happen.
Of course it's not as if lacking surprise is automatically better.
Ignorance of natural forces at work is a disgrace.
A theory isn't evidence; evidence is a list of truthful facts.
Chaos in nature provides us with conflicting ideas.
So, how do we understand truth by conflicting ideas?
Organization can be made of false ideas.
We must have something false even as the picture is seen.
A plant bears the roots, but roots in the ground may not lead to a living plant.
Truth can die.
Truth can expire and go out of date.
However, people can't just take advantage of this fact and give lies.
Machines don't detect lies- in fact, machines can delete truth that isn't programmed.
Ironically enough, it may take a liar for truth to be known.
What if you were all alone on a planet and gave lies and truths?
You could say "the plant is ABC" or "the plant is 123" and not notice the difference.
A human in that situation would roar by instinct- no lesson, no compromise.
Because of this example we may term instinct and prejudice as isolation.
You'll always see yourself first when you wake up.
Sleeping and waking states relate to efforts on truth-giving methods.
Darkness might really be someone's only color.
Red that completely shadows over blue can no longer be red.
As such, one's imaginary reflection can get started from opposing another's.
By the natural forces of color, prejudice is seen from opposition.
It can be difficult to tell who started something, or, who even ended something.
Fear should be felt from reading this statement.
Someone can be "yellow"- that's a metaphor to describe a coward.
Bravery leads to racism; so, we must only be brave when we have to be.
Looking at so many colors goes in a vicious circle under prejudice.
Ideas can just be "ideas"- there may be color or not.
We must learn to reveal our colors peacefully.
Maybe divisions need to be increased or decreased depending on nature.
Of course, people can look at the wrong pictures.
Quality is a factor in giving truth.
So, a lie is language with poor quality for the evidence.
And people live; oh, they live.
You can't know the truth if you don't know how to live.
Isolation is often modern life.
People may hide because they can't tell the truth.
Because of this, privacy is related to true things and false things.
Why be so personal when someone else is personal?
Vague points will have to be drawn here- good nature is my evidence for truth.
Lies shouldn't show natural forces at work without disqualification.
But someone's quality for life is tampered with by memories.
Memory would make a poor time machine.

Sunday, September 29, 2019
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