Tenant's Tales Poem by Wangchat konyak

Tenant's Tales

A very long time ago, Union was formed to serve men
But sadly, with time, men born in the 21st century
Is bound to serve various Unions.
No one is exempted from a tax, each head is counted strictly,
Regardless of farmer, daily wages earner,
Or jobless youth, even a child below ten is not spared.
All are labelled to pay tariffs.
I wonder, what do they do in return?
I, a mere bread-earner, I have no house to call my own.
Nor a plot of land where I could plough,
I have a family to feed, and my wages do not suffice.
I dwell in a disheveled rental house,
I have rent to pay,
It has been pending since the year I rented.
My children want to go in city for education,
I too wanted to send in the city,
But I don't earn enough to send them.
They are here in a village school.
The teacher most often is absent,
The chapter is not explained, notes are crooked,
Mathematics homework is frequent.
My children finds hard to solve the sums.
I haven't bought any clothes for my wife,
My children wear old clothes given by kith and kin,
There is no electricity at home,
The bills notice has appeared and
Our electricity is cut off because of dues.
The landlord is complaining about the monthly bills,
The school has sent a notice to clear the dues
My children are crying for not receiving the admit card
Because I haven't pay the monthly fees.
My wife is tired of fetching water from a mile away,
I wonder how will I go home empty-handed
It was a rainy day, my work was postponed, ,
The price in the market is skyrocketed
This morning before I stepped out of my door,
I saw the rice box was empty,
There were three pieces of potatoes
And a half-spoon of salt.
And ah, there are these various unions at my door.
I don't know how will I let them know my hard times.

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