Tentacles Of Time Poem by Kabir

Tentacles Of Time

Rating: 2.6

Sadho Ye Murdon Ka Gaon
Peer Mare, Pygambar Mari Hain
Mari Hain Zinda Jogi
Raja Mari Hain, Parja Mari Hain
Mari Hain Baid Aur Rogi
Chanda Mari Hain, Suraj Mari Hain
Mari Hain Dharni Akasa
Chaudan Bhuvan Ke Chaudhry Mari Hain
In Hun Ki Ka Asa
Nauhun Mari Hain, Dus Hun Mari Hain
Mari Hain Sahaj Athasi
Tethis Koti Devata Mari Hain
Badi Kaal Ki Bazi
Naam Anam Anant Rehat Hai
Duja Tatva Na Hoi
Kahe Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho
Bhatak Maro Mat Koi

English Translation

Oh Sadhu This is the Village of the Dead

The Saints Have Died, The God-Messengers Die
The Life-Filled Yogis Die Too |
The Kings Die, The Subjects Die
The Healers and the Sick Die Too ||

The Moon Dies, The Sun Dies
The Earth and Sky Die Too |
Even the Caretakers of the Fourteen Worlds Die
Why Hope For Any of These ||

The Nine Die, The Ten Die
The Eighty Eight Die Easily Too |
The Thirty Three Crore Devatas Die
It's a Big Game of Time ||

The Un-Named Naam Lives Without Any End
There is No Other Truth ||
Says Kabir Listen Oh Sadhu
Don't Get Lost and Die ||

Indira Renganathan 24 March 2021

poem to poem St.Kabir excels...great poet

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Sriranji Aratisankar 15 September 2016

Not a very good translation.. however enjoyable...

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Nagamuthu Osho 14 October 2005

Hail! Holy Saint, It is the truth of your words, Flowing, filling the faith heart; Let your glory words smites the sloth soul... To bring peace before death... to cradle the sleep of solace. It is with the mystic Poet, Divine shine with rare feat; O God bond with words: Who pour words to bards. Yours adoring singing soul... N.Karthikeyan Osho

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