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N.Karthikeyan Osho born at Chidambaram on 01-01-1975. He is an Engineer by Profession, a Reiki Healer, Editor of WorldPoetryPress

He completed his Under Graduation in B.E.

(Mechanical Engineering) in the year 1996 at

Sathyabamma Engineering ...

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Suba Roy 19 March 2007

Hellow Poet, Thanks and I think about your serene verse, God Bless you.

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Mikoto 17 September 2005

Hello nagamuthu, Thank you for very very much! The message from you makes me happy. Good luck. Best regards

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The Best Poem Of nagamuthu osho


For the soul to console
Let us forget and forgive;
Each other, when our wean heart comforts and soalce:
Deep, our wound would heal and feel glee,
And stands Lord at our pedestal of Heart;
Greeting and singing with harmonious tune, Thou Art!
All those ill will, will flee, fill with mirth
Hark! holy only will suffer, atlast attains wisdom thro' faith.

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nagamuthu osho Popularity

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