Thank God

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god, thanks for your love
i am not that cat
that so clumsily runs
across the road
without knowing danger
is around
or that rat that eats
from a trap
though it's so obviously a trap
or that chick
that so cheerfully picks rice
from the master's hand
without knowing
that is for it to grow big
to whet his own appetite
god, thanks for your love
for sharing with us
that minute portion
of your infinite intelligence
giving us a head over our shoulders
looks like it is too dynamic
too large a voltage for a little amplifier
humble amplifier
for us apes, poor apes
the world has since gone mad
since you shower your
intelligence on us
minute though it is
it is too dynamic
for us apes, poor apes
to keep tame
its power, overwhelming power
once exposed
almighty, almighty
a world turns awry
give us the other portion
to keep us tame
those sea of desires
that constantly raise tempests
in our heart and soul

Uriah Hamilton 20 July 2005

I like your spiritual poems, and I know you appreciate all life, thus your use of animal imagery I thought was very meaningful.

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