Thanking My Parents Poem by Randy McClave

Thanking My Parents

I'll always give thanks to my dad
For giving me all that I had,
For always being a such a great father figure
He indeed was my hero.
He was always there when needed
And his words and advice I always heeded,
Whatever he asked I would always do
Because, he was always true.

I'll always give thanks to my mom
For always reciting to me a psalm,
And for always putting her child first
Even when she did hurt.
She taught me how to treat all others
As they all were my sisters and brothers,
Even if they were a different color than me
We all belonged to the same family.

I will always give thanks to my parents
For always being transparent,
They were always there at my side
From their children they would never hide
They never left me behind
They taught me not to hate, but to be kind,
And because of them both
To become a good parent myself I took an oath.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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