Thanks To You Poem by Concetta Salter

Thanks To You

Nothing will ever be greater than this.
The sound of your voice. Or the taste of your kiss.
Nothings more valued than time spent with you.
Never believed I’d find love that is true.
There’s no other moment’s that I’d rather freeze,
Than all of the moments you stand beside me.
All of these moments I treasure so much.
The sun can’t compare to the warmth of your touch.
Money, who needs it, when I have your love.
Fortune, who needs it, when I have your trust.
How I have waited to know what it’s like.
To love someone else more than air, more than life.
Patience pay’s off. I now know that that’s true.
No longer restless. It’s all thanks to you.
I’ve given up doubting. There’s no need at all.
As long as your near, than I know I won’t fall.
You’ve given me reasons I thought don’t exist.
Reasons to breathe, to have Faith, and just live.
I no longer fear how the day will turn out.
I live in the moment, I live in the now.
And here in this moment you stand by my side.
And here in the now, you bring joy to me life.

Concetta Salter

Concetta Salter

Coral Springs FL.
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