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That Big Sea

I look at him wonderfully and greatly To see how he works without stopping, I see him surrounding everyone and everything Like one that wants to hug and to embrace everyone and everything, His pretty waves come ashore to hug All shores and all coastlines continuously, He loves all of us except When he is roaring loudly like a true lion, He looks at all the buildings that stand against him To that tell them that he loves all of them, He never stops sending love messages to all people And to everything that surrounds him, He breaks all these waves on the shores' rocks strongly, We look at him from all direction to welcome his smiles Everyday, Many come to his big belly to rest and fish all the time, In all seasons people come to him to tell him their cares and Their stories about life, The pretty sun hugs him beautifully when it rises everyday Until it sets, The pretty moon looks down to express love to the sea, All stars twinkle looking down, All birds come by to greet him, Our feelings and our emotions express love towards him, It's an eternal love between us and between that great sea, so That's the great sea in his sublimity and in his greatness.

Monday, July 21, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love