That Nature Poem by Ahmad Shawqi

That Nature

Stop and enjoy your eyes with the beautiful nature.
What you see is the marvelous creating of Creator.
Earth and sky were shaking at rejoice attractively.
Under wonderful miracles bless with delightfully.
One of the marveling sights tells instead of magnificent nature.

It is considering as a main Sura of Book on the tongue of reader.
It refers to the ability of Creator obviously without doubt.
It left nothing to pontiffs and religious men for suspect. ِ
If someone has suspicion in creation of God and seems unsteady,
He may look deliberately to the nature then he will believe surely.
Then the veil of doubt will be removed away immediately.

And the nature becomes shiny on his sight delivers nakedly.
It is similar to Balkis lying on her bed seems very beauty.
Maybe Balkis alike inside her fellows was going on convoy.
Or it is alike Suleyman of large wealth the triumphant.
Prestigious glory on his favours is obvious and abundant.
Gusty winds on His door look weak and humble.
Birds altogether also low their beaks and seem amenable.

Nearby the Heavens outlook seems as if favourable blessing
It was dedicated to those devoted people desire and wishing.
Many beautiful virgins there are on thickets of Heaven.
Adorned with anklets and bracelets anyhow they are driven.
A tender girl is similar to them on her naked garment apparently.
When she goes out her dress' train sweeps the ground gently.
She has smiling teeth adorns the place with pleasure.

A passionate girl her eyes shed more tears moreover.
She is suffering the loneliness dwelling alone at a certain mound.
Deep profound girl between her counterparts her visage told.
Perhaps you come closely to the brook to enjoy on its picture.
And you can see the grasses surrounding it growing as if mirror.
What attractive view when you hear the murmuring sound!
It is as if fingers play delightfully on strings back and round.
Hundred fingers of water waves touch brook edge quietly.
Drifting gravels and grasses, its sound is echoing musically.

translated by: mohammad mahmud ahmad
Aftab Alam Khursheed 07 September 2013

A beauty out side and the beauty within, First we see beauty within and take in or inhale the beauty from outside amplify it and then see wow Subhanallah Glory to be Allah but we haven't find the beauty within tell me what beauty out side....say or read beauty lies in the eyes of beholder...Imagination is the best art or we can say mother of the arts......nice poem keep it up thanks for share

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