That Special Somebody Poem by shreya koppaka

That Special Somebody

Rating: 4.3

I felt all alone,
No friend to my mind is known,
I had no company,
I was deserted and left as just me,
No soul to turn to, no shoulder to cry on,
No being to share with, all are dreams ling gone,
I feel so empty and hollow,
That all my words are crazy and shallow.

I thought I need someone for me to be complete,
Somebody who leads me through a path to succeed,
Somebody who could take control of my existence,
Who would love me dearly and wouldn’t mind my dependence,
I was obsessed with this so much,
That even a thought about this someone gave be a rush,
I was daydreaming and convincing my soul,
That finding this somebody would take me to my goal,
To define myself this person I needed,
To be happy my search must be succeeded,

Anybody I would meet anybody I would see,
My mind would say that person this could be,
All questions gave me anger and unrest,
It was like my patience was being put to test,
The thought of mine and this somebody’s bond,
Was making me frustrated, boundaries beyond.

Amongst all this irritation of mine,
The star of knowledge on me did shine,
That after practically looking at everbody,
It would be so easy to find this special somebody,
It was not far but within me,
It was that thing which would lead me to my destiny,
I realized nobody can complete me,
If I wasn’t to succeed, the truth I have to see,
My survival was my own burden,
And that one has to jump one’s own hurdle,
The only companion in this race,
Is that special somebody who has no face,
This special somebody is my own confidence,
My will power and strength is the only reason for my existence.

Ted M 29 June 2009

Nice poem, and nice self analysis.

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Sarah Pritchard 03 January 2007

so far i hav read 3 of your poems and i must say i am deffinatly a fan of your poems, each and everyone of them are uniqe and are deepy special. im not goin to wright anymore comments about ur poems because i would wright one for each one of your poems i love them so much and i dont want to bombard you lol but please keep wrighting these beautiful pieces of artwork and share them wit the world... thanks you so much sarah......

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Swathi Vasanthapuram 30 November 2005

hi shreya... really nice poem..... 'to discover oneself n one's confidence'...... truely encouraging, esp da las para gud going da! ! !

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