Solitude Poem by shreya koppaka


Rating: 4.9

I never had many friends,
I was happy with a few,
Comfortable I was in known company,
So never spoke to people new.

But now I find myself in extreme destitute,
As, the feeling creeps in of sheer solitude.

The moon was my best friend,
And pal was the evening star,
They listened to me and looked at me,
And talked to me, though quite far.

But now they don’t like me,
And don’t want to see me anymore,
They hide behind the clouds,
And me always they ignore,

The wind doesn’t want to blow at my face,
The leaves don’t greet me with a dance,
The flowers don’t bloom around me,
Instead droop, at them when I glance.

Its like nature is cross with me,
It turns its face away,
The entire world is angry,
And it gets worse day by day.

All day long I talk to my shadow,
I ask “what have I done wrong? ”,
But it doesn’t answer just looks back at me,
And I feel it sings a dark sad song.

I had all the attention,
And was on top of the world not long ago,
But now I come near a crowd,
And they scream go-go.

What happened I am not aware,
But would surely want to know,
Why all world is against me,
And have no love to show.

I feel two cold hands,
Squeezing my heart deep inside my soul,
Not allowing me to breath,
But creating a large meaningless hole.

Slow death is approaching,
I can feel the darkness around,
Please someone save me,
I cry but can’t anyone hear a sound….

Sarah Pritchard 03 January 2007

once again i must say this is a great poem i love it and ur ryms are so well in tune and they jus flow gracefully sarah.....

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Charles Chaim Wax 03 November 2005

well, I have heard your cry and what a lovely deep piercing sound like lovely chimes in still winter night of course in the end all will be fine more than fine an excellent poem keep up the good work

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