The 27th Stone Poem by Kelly Zion

The 27th Stone

Baby, this road takes me home,
highway 27,
Baby, when I was born
you were 27
Baby, your silver birthday's already come
but my golden is still coming,
Baby, this river flows past my home
on the painted rocks
Baby, on every water color
are a thousand painted songs
Baby, I've painted my way into a world
where I've never really gone
Baby, these mulberries still blossom in winter
but the trees are too high to climb
Baby, they shot my 'possom in the head
but you brought me back to life,
I missed the trains so much it almost killed me,
but I'm not afraid to die.
Oh Baby, please be my Hideaway
so I can escape the time
this world is so horrible
there is no safe place
but I need to make it home
so help me find a way
I left a thousand pawprints
but still nobody came
I did almost everything
but no one wanted me.
Baby, you'll never be here,
but I'm not here anyway
Baby, you're my master
and I need you to give me away
after a while a kitten's paws hurt
and her heart begins to ache.
Oh, I'll always love you,
but you're so far away
and I'm just lost here
in the Humane Society.
There are so many people here
but nobody loves me
those dumb dogs always bark
and they're the only ones who get adopted
but Baby, I've adopted you,
and I'll always be your kitten
Oh Baby, I miss my collar so,
and tomorrow they're gonna kill me
I'm still waiting for you to come
and find me a better place
a little kitten without love
ends up in a plastic bag
Baby,27 hours
are all I have left of life
I don't know what that is
in broken kitten time.
Baby, I'm a fluffy river kitten,
born at the wrong time
Baby, I never existed
'till you became my life.
Baby, I know you can't keep me,
you have three kittens of your own,
but Baby, please come rescue me
and help me find a home.
Baby, I need to be 'Somebody's Chelsea, '
but the graveyard's so cold,
Baby, please help me
'cause I'm all alone.

Oh Baby, I died yesterday,
a kitten twice broke
but Baby, you can still find me
under the 27th stone.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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