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A Beautiful sight, I've seen it once.
In a lonely white room
with a bed and a small chair,
table on three feet in a corner holding a bouquet

What a gift it is to inspire
even with no desire
one heart holds another, so dear
in a Glorious embrace


A tear falls
multiplies into many

All decide to
run down both cheek

I am a strong woman
you can see the fire
burning in my eyes
it's not the strength

Behold your heart
be still
Behold the beauty
be gentle

If silence is golden what are words?
We all need them
necessity we can't live without
the language of the heart

I held my tears
in my palms
I saw the light as they
swam from my skin


When the sun slaps you
in your face
and turns it red
you say;

I would like some mustard with this sandwich
could you dress it up
with some pickles
and red tomatoes

I am Blessed to know all of you
your souls have touched me
in such profound way
You are all beautiful to me

I'm going to dance
I'm going to dance!

I will see the stars

Honey, thank you!
yesterday was a true spiritual experience with you
the physical was just a particle of it
I found myself in a

What would happen
if you just let go
and open your heart


I will meet you one day
walking on petals
where shadow no longer penetrates
the walls of tomorrow

Mirror of my soul
Let's make each other whole
Together on the chariot of light and dark
On a spiritual journey we will embark

Ahhh.. A quite mind, silence,
In the embrace of our soul we stand,
in its loving arms every moment
A blank paper, white, pure, before a poets soul is revealed

Lets go to Bora Bora, what do you say,
my friend,
I can see on your face that you are glowing
with the idea, but of course!

In what power do I stand
covered in cloths of colors
embracing my flesh with threads
God's breath filling my soul


When I see your eyes I see the Divine light
I see it holding hands
in the times of down fall
I see it spread across the world

I woke up from a dream;
It was so sudden.
Moments ago I was swimming
in my Mother's womb

Kasia Fedyk Biography

Believed in love all my life, not just an ordinary love but one that can not come close to words, something magical, felt as if God came down and showed me how to love, to truly feel the essence and meaning of the word. As a child even though pain comes knocking down I thrived on seeing others happy, it gave me something inside I will never forget and it remains there to this day, it only grows stronger. I believe we are here to love and only love as we journey, our soul grows and evolves, we feel so much inside and the experience in life is beautiful with every breath we take. What is beautiful to me is that we are all equal come from the same source just here taking different roads, experiencing life according how we see it individually, what works for each and every one of us and yet we feel the same we have all the same senses. I have grown so much within myself, loving God and thanking him for all the gifts I have, the only thing important to me in my life is love nothing else matters and my poems express the deepest parts of my heart and soul, as if the words come raw from that depth of me, no edits for the eyes to see but only for the soul to feel, I believe in raw poetry, the moment when expression comes poring down in the rhythm of each heart beat, the moment, the words to me don't have to make sense to us human eyes but the language is beautiful, the essence of the moment raw and filled what so much feelings, through the eyes that see from within. Every poem is beautiful it is part of the human soul and the living heart. Through my pain and darkness I have seen the light and Gods hand upon us all. I am so happy to be able to share a part of who I am with all of you and if one of my poems can touch you and make your life happier that is the best gift I could ever receive. Love and Light to all of you!)

The Best Poem Of Kasia Fedyk

A Beautiful Sight

A Beautiful sight, I've seen it once.
In a lonely white room
with a bed and a small chair,
table on three feet in a corner holding a bouquet
fortifying the air with the scent of roses
window, a small, round window
in the middle of the pale wall,
exposing messages from up above
in a form of snowflakes, falling so slowly,
a white dove sat on the ledge.
A man was fighting for his life
machine pumping air into his lungs
in a constant steady motion.
~A beautiful sight
Angel wings spread across the bed
hovering over the mans body, healing it,
feeding his soul
with heavenly aroma,
the smiling Angel kissed his forehead
and told me it will be back tomorrow.

A beautiful sight.

Kasia Fedyk Comments

Gershon Hepner 10 June 2012

And love is born is a lovely conclusion to Can you Feel me? I can. Can you feel me? love Gershon

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Joanna Pavlides 07 July 2012

beautiful heart gripping poems, great ink!

5 78 Reply
Steve Broown 11 July 2012

You may be in the sunshine state; I am not your son. Don't ever contact me!

27 2 Reply

sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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Richard Beevor 02 June 2014

A beautiful sight is a beautiful poem with something distinctly original in its style, I think Kasia you have a great future ahead with your style and bold direction, well done.

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Richard Beevor 02 June 2014

Hi Kasia, A Different Approach, good work and something I like to do too, at least I know what I'm talking about lol, nice writing lets have lots more.

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Waboke Ebisuomor 24 July 2012

Love is in communion with ur soul.Grace adorns ur inspiration like a bridal robe.

2 0 Reply
Steve Broown 16 July 2012

steve has a new poem

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