The Alert Sportsman Poem by Rohan Bendre

The Alert Sportsman

Adrian was a Simpleton. He was not Good at Sports. As a result he was shamed by his Friends.
Children were playing.
Adrian Said to Thomas.
' What Excitement will be Derived
When You will Ensure my Inclusion. '
Thomas couldn't control his Laughter.
' We don't want to end on the Losing side
As a Defeat will be an Obvious Presumption. '
Tobby added.
' By Exhibiting a Great Performance
What great Popularity have we gained.
By Including you our name will be Stained. '
All started Laughing.
Uncle Trevor heard the Conversation. Adrian was sad over his Exclusion.
After Some days Two Prisoners Damien and Dylan finished their term of Imprisonment.
Damien said to Dylan.
' Another Punishment is Concluded
To Earn a handsome sum of Money What have you Decided'.
Dylan said.
' A Lot of Money will have been earned
When Sports Enthusiasts will be Tricked by Betting.
By Luring them to stake A Lot of Money we will be Ensuring. '
Both Agreed to set a Betting Shop.
Dylan Promoted his Shop.
' An Amazing Oppurtunity to Exhibit your Sporting Talent has Come.
Show us your talent and ensure a Prize By Depositing a huge Sum. '
Damien Whispered.
' There are no Prizes to Distribute.
What if we see a huge dispute. '
Dylan said.
' at Cheating aren't we Notorious.
The Promise is nothing but Pretentious. '
Dylan and Damien would cheat people by luring them to Deposit Money and Denying them return gift.
Many Sports Enthusiasts were cheated. Some were even finding it hard to meet their Daily Ends.
Thomas and Tobby planned to visit the Betting Shop.
Adrian Suggested.
' Your Visit to the Shop will not be fruitful.
The Shop is nothing but Deceitful. '
Both shamed Adrian.
' Someone is not even close to Exhibit his Skills Impressively.
Shouldnt such person stay away from sports possibly. '
Both didn't Agreed With Adrian. They went to the shop and were duped.
Adrian Visited the Shop.
Dylan started luring Adrian to Deposit a Huge Sum.
' A Prize will be surely awarded.
If to shoot the target you will have been succeeded.
But it is only possible if a huge sum of Money will be Deposited. '
Adrian said.
' A Huge Sum surely will be Deposited.
But this time a Prize from me to you will be rewarded. '
Adrian had Alerted the Police with the help of Uncle Trevor. The Police arrested Damien and Dylan.
Uncle Trevor said to Thomas and Tobby.
' Not only Exhibiting Good Sporting skills should be a Good Sportsman's Definition.
But also the one who ensures Sports doesn't go the Wrong Direction. '
Thomas and Tobby apologized to Adrian. They Included him in Sports and even taught him.

Monday, August 29, 2022
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