The Alert Duo Poem by Rohan Bendre

The Alert Duo

Ramsingh Was a Policeman. He had Caught Several Thieves. He was Chairborne Because of an Injury While Catching Some Thieves. As a result he had to resign from the Police.
Meanwhile Jagga and Raka Had Finished their Punishment in Prison.

Jagga Said to Raka.

' Aren't We Free Again? .
Shouldn't we Make Plan to give Someone Pain? . '

Raka Said.
' With Your Query My View is that Similar.
By Terrorizing People Let us Spread Fear. '
Raka Said.
' Before Initializing Our Plan
May I Remind an Unsettled Score.
Let the Score be Settled like Never Before. '
Raka was Telling About Ramsingh Who had Caught Raka and Jagga. Both Wanted Revenge.
Jagga Affirmed.
' Surely Revenge happens to be on my List
By Ensuring Punishment to the Policeman Let us have a Fabulous Feast. '
Both made a Plan. Both Posed as Caregivers.
Ramesh and Suresh were Neigbhours of Ramsingh. Both Worked as Vigiliants.

Raka Said to Ramesh.
' The Ailed Person has been Asking for Medical Attention
And We have been hired to Ensure that Good Health is out of Question. '
Ramesh and Suresh were Confirmed for a Moment. They looked Confused.
Ramesh said to Raka.
' Of Much Appreciation is your Gesture
To reward you Shouldn't we Ensure? . '
Raka and Jagga were happy as they assumed They were Getting Money.
Suresh Said.
' Unfortunately The Reward is not here.
But You don't need to worry As One of Our Friends has it Who resides Near Somewhere. '
Suresh had Signed Ramesh to Call the Police.
Both Kept Raka and Jagga Busy till Police Arrived. Police Arrested Raka and Jagga.
Ramesh Said.
' To Intrude and harm People was your Mission.
But Little did you Know the Uniforms you were Wearing Caught our Attention. '
The Uniforms which the Goons were Wearing had a Fake Address Which was Verified by Ramesh and Suresh.
In this way Ramesh and Suresh Saved Ramsingh.
Both Said.
' Of Precious and Priceless Importance is the Service Rendered By The Policemen
Who give their Whole and Soul So that Justice may People Attain
Even we can play our part Whenever The County is in Trouble. Against the Criminals Assemble in the Number of Ten and Thus Make Impact Double.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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