The Allergic Honeybee

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A honeybee, (it was a she)
sat in the Frangipani tree.
She had been told to fly around
just seven metres off the ground
that way she would detect the source
of future honey, which of course
was made from nectar by the bees
this is what made her ill at ease.
You see, she tested positive
to allergies, ergo to live
a life without the misery
she could not be a honeybee.

The queen however used her clout
and told her she could be a scout
and thus stay outside of the hive
that would ensure she'd stay alive.

You see, anaphylactic shock
can hit a bee just like a rock
and once knocked down onto their knees
it is the rarest of the bees
that could recover and be well
as most would tumble down to hell.

An owl sat on that forest tree
and blinked right near the honeybee
the owl, a bird so old and wise
said 'Darling I have a surprise,
a Doctor from up in Vermont
who published in Electra Font
discovered that most allergies
cannot be fixed by eating cheese
but since you asked, I put my money
not on those steroids but on honey.'

And thus it came that honeybees
do not use steroids, not eat cheese
and since that time all allergies
that once afflicted honeybees
have all been found to be extinct,
thanks to the owl who sat and blinked.

The little bee was also free
she pulled up her small tree tee-pee
and gladly flew back to her hive
healthy and happy and alive.


Someone does not like your work very much...

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I liked this actually is a sweet poem.

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