The Angel And The Little Girl Poem by Donna McCord

The Angel And The Little Girl

She sits alone and quiet in the hall,
Her wheelchair backed up against the wall.
The nurses walk by and give her a smile,
They know her name, she’s been here a while.

She clutches her doll and holds it close.
The medicine arrives and she takes her dose.
She can’t remember when she’s not been sick.
A lifetime of pain and she’s only six.

The time has come and they wheel her in.
She tries to be brave and lifts up her chin.
An hour from now and she’ll be in her room.
She thinks about Christmas, it will be here soon.

She thinks about anything but where she’s at.
The doctor comes close and asks, ‘do you feel that? ”
She wants to be brave, but her tears betray her.
“Yes”, she says, “but I’ll be alright, sir.”

The radiation is bad and makes her sicker
As her tummy empties there’s an angel with her.
She’s seen her before at times like these.
Her angel is praying and on her knees.

The little girl sleeps and it’s medicine induced.
There are no dreams here and the light is reduced.
But her angel finds her and sings soft and sweet.
There is no pain here, but her heart is so weak.

The little girl wakes and it’s three hours later.
They want her to eat, it’s her favorite potato.
She sits up in bed and picks at her food.
Her mom says it’s o.k., she’s been so good.

Her friends stopped coming to see her here.
Only her parents and sister stay near.
The angel is close and comforts the girl.
They all know she’s not long for this world.

Night has come now and her mom is close.
She kisses the girl and tweaks her nose.
“I love you, sweetie, now you sleep well.
I’ll be right here, if you need me just yell.”

The little girl sleeps and her mom prays for her.
“Lord, please don’t take away my little girl.
She’s only a child and I need her so,
And she’s got so many places she wants to go.”

As so many nights spent here in this room,
Her mom cries again, she knows it will be soon.
The cancer wont stop, it continues to grow.
The doctors are trying but it’s going too slow.

The little girl dreams that she’s playing outside.
There are new friends here and it’s her turn to hide.
There’s no sickness here and she can run,
She doesn’t get winded and she’s having fun.

Her mom watches as her little girl dreams.
There’s a smile on her lips and she knows what that means.
God shows her mom that she’s too sick to stay here.
He can take her with Him where she will be healed.

The mom softly cries and lets her daughter go.
And the angel sings and starts to glow.
Mom sees the angel and finds peace in her passing.
Her little girl now knows peace everlasting.

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