The Anklets Of The New Bride Poem by priyanka choudhury

The Anklets Of The New Bride

They danced with joy, a pair of silver anklets they were
Studded with tiny bright stones
Looking beautiful on the fair softness of the girl's legs

They were a gift from her mother-in-law to be
The first sign of her stepping into matrimony
Anklets that tinkled tenderly
And announced to everyone the wearer's joy

The joy of a new bride, that shines through her ruddy cheeks
The tremulous anticipation of finding joy in a stranger
Who was dearer than anyone she had touched or known.

It was her wedding night, she waited impatiently
For the smiling and laughing crowd to leave
He entered and they made love
Not a touch soothed her, not a smile met her eye
They made love in such a fashion
Not a flutter crossed her heart.

In the days that followed,
Laughing teasing faces filled her days
And nights were spent on a stange bed
With a stranger who cared not to be her own.

The anklets called out sometimes
It seemed not to reach his ears
Then they too fell silent
Too betrayed to try, too tired to cry.

The anklets now live in a box
The myth dispelled long ago
They sometimes make little noises
When winds of illusion blow.

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