The Ballad Of Billy And Bobbi Poem by Bryan Norton

The Ballad Of Billy And Bobbi

Billy rode the cowboy beat
In fairs and rodeos
Bobbi barbecued the meat
They served at all the shows

She dreamed of matrimony
And a wedding dress with bows
In a sacred ceremony
With a man in cowboy clothes

He met her by a dairy near
A chapel on a hill
Where lonely people go to hear
The saddest Whip-poor-will

She spoke of her uncertainty
And yet the moon rose still
To help her see eternity
Behind the words, I will

They gathered on a sunny day
Behind the chapel where
Some roses and some fresh cut hay
Redeemed the dairy air

Some hungry goats were kept at bay
And Bobbi's favorite mare
When suddenly to their dismay
The preacher wasn't there

A little lamb had gone astray
Without a me or ewe
A lot of people go that way
And wind up in a stew

The minister of Shepherd's Way
Had followed every clue
But when he lost the light of day
He lost the trail too

He fervently began to pray
The Lord his lamb to keep
For many souls who drift away
Have fallen in the deep

Beside a welcome bed of hay
The lamb came home to sleep
For all the ones who go astray
Are still the shepherd's sheep

The morning sun came calling soon
When Billy called ahead
The minister said come at noon
When we are out of bed

The ceremony was delayed
Until the cows were fed
The minister was duly paid
And this is what he said

The jealousy which festers more
Is something bad for certain
And trust requires an open door
And not an iron curtain

Your flowers will not ease the pain
Of one whose heart is hurtin'
So please don't drive your spouse insane
Because you won't stop flirtin'

The two of them exchanged their vows
And Billy kissed the bride
He danced with her among the cows
To cowboy songs outside

They said goodbye to all their friends
And both their parents cried
The only thing that never ends
Is what you feel inside

He promised her a honeymoon
She said be more specific
He said the Great Salt Lake in June
Is like the South Pacific

The honeymoon this couple shared
Was totally terrific
For no amount of love was spared
To help them be prolific

Their marriage is a thing of pride
Like cowboy boots worn well
The ups and downs are like a ride
Upon a carousel

True love is like a fireside
Where cowboys like to dwell
To feel close and warm inside
A cowgirl's magic spell.

Monday, May 8, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: cowboys,love,wedding
Bryan Norton

Bryan Norton

Napa, California
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