The Baby Shower Poem by Bryan Norton

The Baby Shower

Congratulations, Dear One, as you celebrate this hour
When you are called to be a mom and have a baby shower
The little lad that grows within will be your very first
And on the day that he is born your heart will nearly burst

You have a growing sense of pride that you will have a son
And now you know the boy inside is loved by everyone
A baby is a miracle who makes your life complete
Because of how he grins at you in spite of what you eat

So many broken couples are left standing on the brink
The gap in their relationship may need a missing link
The married life can rank a nine for ladies and their men
A baby is the kind of one who makes your life a ten

Your mother is the anxious soul who found it hard to wait
But now you know the reason why she wanted you to date
Her gratitude for your success is more than she can say
I guess you know the rest of us are glad to be that way

Your husband is the happy one to have a baby boy
For what is there about a son that fathers don't enjoy
They get to proudly sit and watch that special thing you do
But maybe changing diapers will be good for both of you

The freedom that you used to know is now a lonely word
And what you get is just a glow for all that you endured
The gracefulness in how you work is merely just a ploy
To prove that you can be a mom and do what you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: mother and child
Kim Barney 18 July 2019

Nice rhythm and rhyme. Has a good flow to it, and a lovely message. Very well done!

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Bryan Norton

Bryan Norton

Napa, California
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