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The Ballad Of Miss Ogden-Nest - Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Miss Ogden-Nest, is one the best
Theatrical Ladies, to visit this town.
Miss Ogden-Nest lives life with a zest;
Her bounty paraded to pare the world down.

She appeals up and down to the real man around;
Her beauty unshaded, she can stare a man down.
She wears a man down. She tears a man down.
As duty comes jaded, she bears a man down.

Miss Ogden-Nest, was Shanghai-ed and pressed,
Abducted and kidnapped like a child of the slum.
Miss Ogden-Nest, wild-eyed and undressed,
Found wandering the mean streets, had fled from the scum.

The scum are white-slavers, corrupters, depravers,
Of innocent girlhood and a maiden's resolve:
To scorn bad behavior, in the ways of the Savior,
Nor stray from the pathway from Virtue to Love.

She swore the men down. She tore the men down.
Though bonded as clean meat, she wore the men down.
She bore the men down. She tore the men down.
The Will that God gave her, wore the men down.

I found her in Paris. Disheveled and harassed;
A fugitive waif in a sink-hole of Sin.
She sought my protection, and I knew by that action,
We'd both be in danger from rough-house akin.

When silver greased palm, we fled in alarm;
At this end of the earth we'd be safe and unharmed.
As we crossed the vast ocean, she was lost in emotion,
And I in my berth was forlorn, becalmed.

She wears a man down. She bears a man down.
When she rings in the changes, she can bring a man down.
She'd borne her man down. She'd torn her man down.
And yet though I loved her, she'd worn a man down.

When we published her story, of privileged debauchery.
Uproar and scandal would stalk us for years.
With fortune assured we, can attest to the glory,
Of a free press, untrammeled by favor or fear.

We'll take them all down. We'll break them all down.
The elites and their strumpets; we'll shake 'em all down.
We'll slow them all down. We'll hoe them all down.
The People's Great Trumpet will blow them all down!

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