Black Holes Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Black Holes

Rating: 4.9

Was it another universe?
So many years ago.
My life with you was interspersed,
By affairs you did not know.
I kept my guilty secrets,
Pressed to a heaving chest;
But now that I have been found out,
The truth must be confessed!

Was it another lifetime;
On a set built yesterday?
You wrote it out in pantomime,
A role I could not play.
Was it the season of bad dreams,
Acted out in floods of rage?
When treason was a national theme,
And blood would stain the page.

Was it a nerveless universe,
Uncurved by mystery?
When rational thought was not perverse,
But served as history.
Was it some other century?
For it seems another age,
Where reason was a cultural meme,
And rhyme, the higher stage.

Was it another universe,
On a different plane?
Where all exists in reverse,
From death to born again.
Was it that special universe,
Dim lit by avid brain?
Where even light cannot traverse,
And night and darkness reign.

Was it another epoch?
Was it another time?
My love for you was built on rock,
And not on silt and slime!
Was it some other era;
In another place?
Were we those star-crossed lovers,
Somehow lost in outer space?

Was it another universe?
Down the blackest of black holes.
Does my remorse exert a force,
Inverse to troubled souls?
Should I spurn the fleeting moment,
For a lifetime of control;
Or burn in fiery torment,
As your anger takes it's toll?

Yasmin Khan 06 March 2017

You've described your feelings in a unique way. Sometimes we experience such situations that make us feel that 'all exist in reverse'.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 06 March 2017

An awesome write, full of emotions and their steady flow deserving Poem of the Day. Heartiest Congratulations.

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Chinedu Dike 06 March 2017

The form and content are admirable. Lovely and very passionate poem embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm. Excellent job. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing Dave and do remain blessed.

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Tom Allport 06 March 2017

a lovely poem of the feelings one encounters whilst flying through space and our time? brilliantly written!

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Glen Kappy 06 March 2017

dave, first, i affirm the craft of this poem- it's good. on the ideas in it, it bears resemblance to my poems the bridge and on deceit, both with the same girl in mind who i treated badly. i like how you combine your confession with an exploration, if i read it correctly, of perspective in general. it appears you now realize, as i have slowly in my life, that in the lens of love is clarity, is truth. on this idea, if you're interested, please see my poem aging as ascent. i look forward to checking out more of your work. glen kappy

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Keith 14 January 2021

Just surfing then site, found this poem, I like it

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David SmithWhite 08 March 2018

A great big THANK YOU to all who commented here. As this poem was last years POD (060317) I was surprised to see it selected a second time as poem of the day exactly one year later (060318) . Best Wishes to all, from Sydney. David Smith-White.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 March 2018

It is a brilliant poem on universe and life having vivid and stunning expression. Nice penmanship. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.

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Israj Ali 06 March 2018

My love for you was built on rock- - excellent expression- -beautiful poem- -10

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Seamus O Brian 06 March 2018

I, too, enjoyed the smooth craftsmanship of this piece. Well-chosen words; an excellent rhyming scheme that bears the weight of the imagery easily and comfortably. You carried the extended metaphor consistently and engagingly. A very professional work of poetry. Bravo.

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