The Ballad Of The Landlord Poem by Langston Hughes

The Ballad Of The Landlord

Rating: 2.9

Landlord, landlord,
My roof has sprung a leak.
Don't you 'member I told you about it
Way last week?

Landlord, landlord,
These steps is broken down.
When you come up yourself
It's a wonder you don't fall down.

Ten Bucks you say I owe you?
Ten Bucks you say is due?
Well, that's Ten Bucks more'n I'l pay you
Till you fix this house up new.

What? You gonna get eviction orders?
You gonna cut off my heat?
You gonna take my furniture and
Throw it in the street?

Um-huh! You talking high and mighty.
Talk on-till you get through.
You ain't gonna be able to say a word
If I land my fist on you.

Police! Police!
Come and get this man!
He's trying to ruin the government
And overturn the land!

Copper's whistle!
Patrol bell!
Precinct Station.
Iron cell.
Headlines in press:
Man Threatens landlord
Tenant Held Bail
Judge GIives Negro 90 Days In County Jail!

Jeannette Fardan 06 January 2011

I really can relate to this poem, you had landlord that didn't want to do anything but collect the rent,

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Krys Curti 15 August 2013

This is the poem that contributed to the dismissal of a white,4th grade school teacher, Jonathan Kozol, from the Christopher Gibson School in Dorchester, Mass. Mr. Kozol distributed the poem to his 4th grade students to recite at home. One of the students memorizing the poem recited it to his father who happened to be a Copper

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Margaret O Driscoll 09 February 2016

A portrayal of injustice, superb piece

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Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek 23 July 2016

A sad story. How justice is applied. This is law. Nice poem well written.

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lyz johnson 12 April 2018

i was not interrested in that poem

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Greep 08 November 2021

Great poem! I, too, want to hurt my landlord

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Mama Nigma 08 March 2020

Great use of dialect, especially with the transition from the negro's speech and the landlord's plea for law enforcement between stanzas five and six.

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Michael Walker 19 September 2019

I take the side of the negro tenant in this dispute. The landlord and the judge are rough on him. I found a few good landlords in Auckland, but some greedy ones, like the one in the poem. A fair and just ballad.

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Steven Kimaro 26 August 2019

good one it is a good examle

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Sylvaonyema Uba 23 May 2018

Landlord Landlord Good use of repetition for the purpose of emphasis. SYLVA-ONYEMA UBA

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