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The first time I saw you
I saw love
Your eyes caught my eyes
Like a fisherman

The gentle breeze blew
And whispered
To the ears of the earth

Sweet and bitter jungles
Like a rush
Of a mighty wind
Blown away to dry desert

Black rock
Perfumed with
Soul of Africa
Carrying human truck

Your love rings
Like the soft sound of bell
Into my ears

You are the breeze
That cools my hot body
Let me fan the fan of love
To cool my sweet body

I'm frozen
By your love
Melted with your beauty

Darkness looms

The city of oil

Pauper Pauper
Sitting lonely
In the stable of rust

One by one
Two by two
They fall like a fallen tree
Kissed by forest death

River oil, river oil
God's natural gift to us
You are like a virgin
Deflowered by her love

Super Eagles
Sweet soccer Sensational
Playing round the globe
Playing with the bleeding sun

Sweet beauty
Driving two lovers
Like a magnet

Latitude of tremendous love
March gallantry
To the auditorium
Of my tranquil heart


Gigantic bus
Carrying mountainous people
Cruzing with sweet noisy sounds

If love is a drug
That heals the heart
And makes the world a better place

Lead me to love
Some say love is blind
Some say love is seeing

Like an avalanche of rock
Sliding from the mountain
They trouped out
Men, women and children

Patiently they stand
On the poll
Carrying the flag -
Who wears the crown?

SylvaOnyema (SUPER.T) Ubah Biography

I am a Nigerian from the South East.I am from Umuakum, Ejemekwuru in Oguta Local Government in Imo State. I have a Masters of Arts Degree in Literature(MA) and a Masters of Public Administration (M.P.A) both obtained from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) , Nigeria. I am an Educationist, an Author, a Poet, a Social Commentator and a Public Affairs Analyst. I love writing, watching movies and travelling.)

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First Love

The first time I saw you
I saw love
Your eyes caught my eyes
Like a fisherman
Just caught a big fish

Eyeball to eyeball
We looked closely at each other
With a craving flame
Burning bright like fireworks
Into our naked faces

My heart read your heart
Like metre reading
And I saw
The movement of your love like circuit
Round the circuit vein of my body.

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