Thoughts of a Single Man

The Beautiful Mind - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

Yes you are beautiful
yes you are so stunning
but what attracts me the most is your beautiful mind
so intriguing and so nimble and so cunning
I love the way you think
for the ability to converse is an aphrodisiac to me
the words that fall from your thick sweet lips
call to me more
that the shape of those curvacious hips
on one hand I am truly the raw essence of a man
hidden deep in the jungles of my erotic intentions
prowling for my prey
that I seek to eat and love to lay
that body of yours how I have watched it move
in my mind and your comments dance on my lines
outlined every inch of you in my thoughts
wanting to explore your frame before I knew your name
but that was never enough
it was not until you spoke to me
that I was drawn like the moth to the flickering flame
for the productive speech will not only reach me
but tame the savage beast
for your verbal bounty is my mental feast
I am not the superficial one
that seeks to bed the seductive one
to go and just to come
for in the after glow
when we are held in that silent moment
of the drying drops
and time stands so very still and stops
there is no more performances to be done
no next scene to be acted in the show
but just the moments of the know
when we can still speak to one anther
while we tickle beneath the covers
thus this is the real resonance of the birthing friendship
that secures the foundation of emerging lovers
for even more that those soft warm round breasts
the firmness of that supple behind
more than the sweet taste of that vaginal stew
even before you were poised to speak to my pen
and I stared so hungrily at you
in anticipation
as if the constrictions of those undergarments
were unhooked could be removed
I was sincerely moved
that you would share your thoughts
that escape from the cocoon of the mind
words that flutter forth
like the steams of butterflies in the field
of your sweet imagination
engaging my eyes and spirit
a tender wave that wet me
like the mention of your name
so silently I read you
lusting for the emerging spark in you
trusting that swirling part of you
that is your beautiful mind

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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