Stephen Beam

The Beekeeper - Poem by Stephen Beam

'Alas, i'm stuck between a rock and a hot place.'

Bastards... Souls resigned to their evil design...
Winged and striped...Flying convicts in a honeycomb mine
Stealing life to make theirs sweeter... They sing
Agitate them, they'll leave a mark w/ their shiv 'n it's sting
Like demons bent on pleasing their queen - The Devil
They'll drive you to the unthinkable, it's you they seek to level

'These winged beasts annoy me so, that's the case.'

These infernal winged fiends, agitate 'n annoy their keeper
It's their sweetened substance that makes him the receiver
Enraging the buzzing masses, but there revenge falls short
Betwixt the queen and God... a bee's confusion grows more
Many eyes, many, now that they've clouded
Seeing only the one who's angered them...there's a suit about it

'The case for me is, should i just kill them all, now.'

Like a hitman they don't quit... calculating and patient
The keeper doesn't lose focus...taking back sweet payment
Walking off, a few dedicated soldiers follow, seeking a chance
The watchful Keeper notices his 'followers' at a glance
Call him Belladonna... a poison to those of good health
Moths to flames, they're prey for this human's wealth

'Yes, follow me you pathetic ewes and feel my venom.'

To bide ones time... describes their kind of evil...
Bigots of sorts they like their own... not even people
The biofeedback is weakening... off comes the suit
The bees attack... what's this? ! they're brought to defeat
They've become bivouacked... staked in tightened muscles
Keeper picks them off and eats them for their slight troubles

' I own you! i am Ice pulling you out of your cause 'n its pathetic effort.'

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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