The Bigotry That Remains Poem by David Welch

The Bigotry That Remains

There are those in our society
who scream about fighting bigotry,
claim that we hate people with dark skin,
when you fired for insulting them,
claim that our women fear for their lives,
when the female sex is lionized,
claim that no one cares about the poor,
but nowhere else do the poor have more.
They keep having to go redefine
what bigotry must be in their minds
to find a new foe for them to ‘fight, '
...Or find excuses to smear the right,
when in truth on us they do project
their own prejudice, which we reject,
and in their gaslighting they won't see
the types of remaining bigotry.

These days if you hate folks with skin pale
nobody gets up to gnash and wail,
no one declares you're on the warn track
the way they would do if you were black.
In fact, degenerate leftists hordes
instead cry out that we should see more!
That their skin color makes them a blight,
they should apologize for being white? !
That an arbitrary fact of birth
is what should determine your self-worth?
That if you look one way you should bear
guilt forever, and endless despair
for sins of generations long gone?
That you're responsible for their wrong?
That you alone pay for slavery,
when it was done by all societies,
be it black, brown, red, or yellow shade,
but it's only one tint that must pay?
When you can shut down discussion hale
by screaming shrilly, "You're a white male! "
When your claim pale folks are ‘born racist, '
and should not be allowed to persist?
When folks like I note the hypocrisy
the powers then try to silence me,
anti-white racists, the truth is plain,
allow this bigotry to remain.

But there exists a much broader hate,
half the species, you see, do not rate.
I'm talking, of course, about the men,
how we're seen as less next to women,
that our basic masculinity
is portrayed as criminality,
save for working women on the rise,
it's okay for girls to act like guys.
The TV and the cinema screens
portray men as fools, or sexists mean,
like we would be helpless without girls…
Even though we built this friggin' world.
in the courts we get the rawer deal,
and the consequences are quite real.
Man sleeps with a student, twenty years,
a woman does it, probation and tears…
We can be accused at any time
of abuse and acts truly malign,
and even if there's no evidence
we still get punished, that makes no sense!
Near half of domestic battering
is done by women fond of punching,
knowing that we can never hit back,
that most forms of real recourse we lack.
Yet we're still the ones sent off to die,
on our taxes government relies
since we're still doing most of the work,
and for all this we get cast as jerks?
We're told to know the feminist cause,
when in truth they should act more like us,
so there would be rationality
and some place for commonality.
But all such thoughts seem like a fools hope,
politicos love the women's vote,
in society man-hate ingrained,
allows this bigotry to remain.

The most pernicious is jealousy
of the people who work and succeed,
the ones who go out and innovate
get saddled with socialistic hate.
Be it a newly minted billionaire,
or a working fellow who takes care,
they get slurred as monsters made of greed,
and stolen from with loud claims of ‘need.'
Some look at them and they cry out theft,
but I've seen no entrepreneur yet
who got rich by taking things by force
from the pockets the struggling poor,
never seen then force these folks to buy
what they're selling in their stores inside,
since in this county commerce is choice,
that's a sticking point you can't avoid.
But this fact is lost on simple finds,
and the corrupt politicians find
it's easier to get four more years
if you lie and saw what they want to hear.
Now people go out and they attack
the folks who pay their hand-outs through tax,
and invent the tech that we live on,
and keep going until it's all gone.
It's the real plague hurting out nation,
this cruel merit discrimination,
to hurt the productive is insane,
yet it's a bigotry that remains.

Monday, June 22, 2020
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