The Bit So Big Poem by Adedolapo Olisa

The Bit So Big

Why does one minute today amount to eighteen hours tomorrow
but eighteen hours one day dwindle gradually to zero seconds tomorrow?
The insignificant bit accumulates till it is deep
but the significant big decays till it is erased.
with our hands, we erase the most important thing in our mind
with the thoughts of just a little bit, we let the insignificant become the boss.
We are conscious when we make that decision to sin,
conscious of the conspicuous fact that there is one master;
either you draw with the end of a pencil or you erase with the other
if you have been told there is a balance then you are in a trance.
At a particular time, can you be both pure and impure?
then why build this house of holiness, and because of 'little bit', begin it's demolition?

Everyone knows the devil to be crafty not wise,
yet we give him the go ahead to destroy our labour.
The way you win through your opponents' weaknesses,
so the devil knows and loves to clamp you by your weaknesses.
Flee from the subtle, the landlord of evil
because just as, though, we desire not to succumb; but like the hungry rat in the trap,
we end up eating the poison in the trap-the environment we led our body to.
The poison- the sin- that leads to our death,
-since sin is the conviction by our mind for our body to do wrong-,
our vicinity leaves almost a 'no choice' to it's subtlety.
still, remember that without the poison you are not dead
so those with zeal keep fighting till escape

It feels as though we are slaves to our flesh,
but does a slave have a choice outside's the master's will?
It feels as though it is just a little time and this once
that in the end consumes our mindset sraight up to our being.
It seems as though it is only a little sin
but weighs with the same wages as that of a murderer.
It draws us like a magnet to a metal, an adulterer to an adulteress
but really do we not become adulterers and adulteresses when we succumb
by claiming loyalty to two enemies?
it feels like it is neither wrong nor right
but in reality there is no such act that is neutral to litmus

I must say, the devil has done a good job with the many channels of temptation
especially those that are directly not bad
but indirectly the worst of acts.
Put a frog in hot water and see if it will not jump out
but gradually boil it in a cool, soothing water and see if it will not cook.
It is boldly written that God hates idols,
but the devil has made provision for a lot of occupation.
If you are occupied not serving God then you are occupied serving your occupation
Just as I jeer the zeal of the devil towards capitalising on our weaknesses
so I boo us for lacking the knowledge of our own weakness.
Can you solve problems from algebra's grandson without the knowledge of the common basics of algebra?
so you cannot identify the various channels set out to capitalise on your weakness
when you know not to ask that God mayest reverse thy weaknesses.
'Choose today whom ye will serve', the pleasures of the world-zealously- or the God of all till eternity.

Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

Ilorin, Kwara state.
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