The Black Death Poem by Matthew Henning

The Black Death

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Dark tendrils of disease
spread across the land
Reaching until all of Europe
Is in the clutches of Death himself.

Women and children,
Men and kings alike,
a third of the population
all become victims
to the monster named Plague
It waits silently in the dark,
and the filth,
waiting for you to drop your guard.

The beast is hungry.
the beast must be fed.
It cannot be defeated,
It cannot be slain.
We live our lives in fear
of the demise
that waits around the corner.

Millions die,
more become ill
in the form of disease
Death knows no prejudice
Plague knows no race
only hunger.

Will the darkness ever end?
Will this curse ever be lifted?
Will the slop of our miserable lives
ever be washed clean?
No one knows
but God above.
Save us.

I wrote this for History Class to characterize the time in Europe known as The Dark Ages.
Susan Lacovara 16 October 2013

Did you know the childhood nursery rhyme song, Ring Around The Rosie was actually written about the Bubonic Plague...pretty little song that all children are taught...ironic, isn't it? ? ? You did capture the horror of those times. Well done. PEACE

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phoebe jane 05 November 2018

I love the plague I mean learning about it

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Matthew Henning 16 October 2013

Yeah! I heard that. Kinda creepy to be honest...

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Noreen Carden 17 October 2013

Well done Matthew a dark subject very well written

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when did you write this - in what year? thanks, need to know for school project

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school researcher 01 June 2020

when did you write this - in what year? Thanks, i need to know for a school project on you. Thanks for a brill poem.

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Adrian Gonzales 30 November 2018

I am stealing your poem to pass as my own! Thanks buddy! !

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Adrian Gonzales 30 November 2018

My teacher made me change it. Sorry, I'm going to be better.

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phoebe jane mccormack 05 November 2018

hi Im phoebe Jane McCormack im in year 7 I just want to tell you about poems I love history. love from phoebe

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hannah 22 March 2018

That poem was so good I presented it to my class

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