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A heart can break without a sound.
A tear can fall to hit the ground.
No one standing near can tell.
There's not a sign to break the spell.

Grey wispy hair pokes through her hat
Waddling homeward on worn down heels
Carrying bags that hit and bump
on legs as they hurry through city streets

I am born.
My own clean sheet.
My road in life is incomplete.
I start my journey baby steps

Thunderous noises screaming guns.
Fires raging evil done.
Abject terror written plain.
On baby faces For shame. For shame.

Harvest moon hanging high
Watching us Gods ancient eye
Poets write you distant cold
While i observe your core

The wire you ordered came today.
I stacked it by the garden gate.
Standing under the arc of a rainbow.
In your big raincoat snuggled safe.

I go deep to search your eyes.
Icy cold is what I see.
I reach out in search of love.
Indifference touches me.

Rosie walks down by the river bank flowers in her hair,
Stars in her eyes
She dreams of the day that will soon come to pass
A sweet secret she held in her heart

Black day when ice formed round her heart.
Black day when they were forced to part.
Her anger made her rail at God.
What did she do that was so bad.

With head bent low he watches her go,
bravely facing a world she does not know
He smiles goodbye and covers up his tears
for he must be brave if she looks back in fear.

Walking in the starry darkness.
I seek a quiet place of peace.
Breath blows white against the air.
Mind searches a forgotten prayer.

Reach out your hand to me my love
and bid me walk with you awhile
Along this sandy moonlit shore.
Where i walked once a child

Deep into the night she awakes sensing his presence
A quiet pensive aura about him
She is aware of his confusion at being in unfamiliar surroundings
lost in a world of strange sights and sounds

On the night of the star,
gifts lain at his feet.
He comes into being.
Annunciation complete.

He flew in with the first days of summer
His black wings shone.
His beautiful notes filled
my day with sweetness.

A playground whisper is going around.
Don't play with him.
As he's pushed to the ground.
Now he stands on the outskirts,

Dawn sky, watery blue streaked red and gold,
by the hand of God.
Mountain ranges like humpbacked somnolent dinosaurs
Left behind from a long forgotten age.

and when the dark day comes
without invitation, the pain
lies thick around his heart.
Slowing its beat until it is


She walks the shore.
While tears flow free.
She wonders if the waves can see.
Do they know this truth profound

While walking down a country lane,
i felt my soul pulled back in time.
Surrounded by the ancient ones,
whose lives long spent had entered mine.

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Heart And Soul Revised

A heart can break without a sound.
A tear can fall to hit the ground.
No one standing near can tell.
There's not a sign to break the spell.
A soul can shatter separate.
still leave the body standing straight.
The outer shell can smile and talk.
While the soul is on its lonely walk.

Bereft of light and peace it flies
Its quest to reach towards the sky.
Blackness holds it fast in space.
Forever locked in time and place.
Just one touch of human hand
can raise that soul to reach for light
Then mend the heart its hope revive.
To lift its wing's to give it flight

A rescued soul is unconfined.
No chains can hold it fast.
It flies towards the heavens.
Then comes falling back to earth
Cascading down it twinkles,
like a thousand shining stars.
It steals its light from heavens brim
then walks it round the world.

When the human heart has hope renewed
its flight makes angels weep
It overcomes each earthly task.
Its promises to keep.
The path it follows straight and true
Its destiny to meet.
Its sighs can reach to heaven,
When love is what it seeks.

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Geetha Jayakumar 31 December 2013

POET: Noreen Carden | Delete this message Poet Noreen Carden One of the talented and gifted poet. Her Poems are very pleasant to read. Wonderful are her themes. May you keep on contributing valuable poems to this poetic world. Wishing you all the best! God Bless You!

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