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Alone again inside it seems.
With plastic friends and broken dreams.
I sit in empty darkness beyond measure.
Today just like so many things.


Today just like so many days I waste away to nothing.
Standing here, frozen by fear, I feel I must do something.
The light within has grown so dim; the sunshine of my being.
A cold grey darkness fills my soul; an empty lifeless feeling.


Smile upon the morning, a warm
look about the day.
A happy bright demeanor, to help
you on your way.

On the high seas of life, with no compass
for direction.
Held prisoner by emotion in my mental


When I wake up cold and empty.
After all the good within me.
Slowly drains out of a hole and I can't cry.
I try to speak and all at once I find.

I will try for a thing.
Of great beauty that sings.
With those who would bask in it's light.
I have been in distant dreams.

Love is blind; but still we see the lying, cheating, heart.
This stranger we no longer know; who rips our life apart.
Where is the one who shared my love, my precious darling girl?
She's gone away and somehow changed; now jaded by the world.

Look at me, please don't cry my darling;
it's nothing I will be just fine.
Smile, show me your beauty, let me
look at my love one last time

Put on my shoes and walk with me into
my world of sorrows.
My endless state of loneliness, cold pain,
and lost tomorrows.

I'm here at the front of the back of the line,
I was last but I think I'll go next.
I've been here so long it seems like forever,
I think it's time I sat down to rest.


Happy is the bird who flies into the
star lit sky.
From every where the darkness glows,
as far as meets the eye.

So tender a flower, as the wind
blows against her.
The darkness of this world pulls
her down as she cries.

I think you are beautiful because of your eyes
Blue as the ocean or the mid day sky.
I think you are gorgeous because of your smile
Sunshine andhappiness glowfrom inside


I can't, I won't, it's gone, I'm sure
everything has been taken
I'm not sure if whats left in me
will ever be awakened.

The many souls of yesterday; the long forgotten people.
Whose righteous lives were tossed away; victims of great evil.
Their voices never cease to cry for justice to be done.
For Cain who took the life of Abel; for those who killed Gods son.

I don't know what to do today it
seems my life is over.
My love has grown so very cold.
she cringes when I hold her.

It's been a good while since I sat down
to write.
A word or a poem or a verse about life.
So easy do they come when it is their

I'm so empty of dreams.
Without sexy young things.
It seems I've lost the desire
to chase beauty.

In the wild I roam with fear, so
threatened by my guilt.
Not so much by what I see, I go
by what is felt.

One day not for sure, but still it
wouldn't be strange.
If in time when you have gone, your
name is spoken of in shame.

Mark Normand Biography

Writing is what I do to keep myself sane while life goes on around me. I never would have imagined that I might enjoy writing poems.I have only just recently started to write. Almost everything I have written I have done in the last 5 years or so I guess.I know writing really takes a lot of negative emotion away from me that I used to bottle up inside.It isn't healthy to the hold bad experiences in and it isn't polite to complain about them all day either. So I write and I can find some level of peace as I write. It has changed me for the better.I don't get as angry or upset any more about things others do. People often comment on my poems and tell me they hope I feel better or that I need to move on to another girl or to talk to someone about my problems. I know a lot of what I have posted tends to be dark and has to do with heart break and pain, but I am fine. I am happy and although I have lived through everything I have written about at some point in life, I have survived and it helps to write about pain so I can learn how to avoid it as much as possible. All of us go through dark times in life and for now it seems to be what I have felt led to write about.The words seem to flow as I move my fingers on the key board. I don't sit down and try to think of some subject to write about.I just let the words flow and the results of this method are a lot of the poems I have posted. I would like to write more happy poems, but to plan what I will write doesn't work for me at this time. I suppose my style will change some as I keep writing. I can't say how it might change if it does, all I know is writing poems to please others is a foolish thing to do.I write for myself, it is an important release for me that I use often.I know people are very hard to please so I don't try, I just write. I enjoy it if people say they like what I write but that doesn't happen very often I don't expect it to happen either and it is not why I write.I would love it if my writing helped people but that is not why I write.I write because I have to and because it is one of the few things in this world that I enjoy doing.)

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Alone again inside it seems.
With plastic friends and broken dreams.
I sit in empty darkness beyond measure.
Today just like so many things.
Has ended lost and incomplete.
I failed to reach the special place I treasure.
True happiness is what I seek.
Still I remain a lucid freak.
I write of life with no real love or pleasure.
I write because if I would scream.
No one would hear the words from me.
I'm lost inside this dark cold world forever.

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