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We've fought for the last time
and now you're trying your hardest
to just forget
while trying to regain my favor, which you never had

I need no direction
no, I can live this part
with no place for love
in a apathetic heart

Meet me at the shore
eyes reflecting sparkling moon
still not lost, daylight follows soon

oh, can you taste it?
all around you, deny and lie
not what sets us apart

Apathy of a different sort
empty none the less
so look at me, say your line
turn away and second guess

Spare me the absurdities, please,
just take my hand and dance...

My love..

Repetition, repetition
oh the irony
with a lovely, cynical twist
I can analyze all I want

Lets just get our words out now,
and leave them lying open to read,
to save ourselves the trouble,
of poor proceeded complications.

Center stare,
(& that smile will fade) .
you seem,
to have lost your way

I don't need apologies
pouring from my lips
just as much
as I don't need

I was never spared
not even in the most merciful of moments
I hate myself for that
face to face with truth

Dismantle inhibitions
and know
it's whats for the best

A sigh for all the thoughtlessness
or a toast to all out shame
a silent, secret, hidden fear
how well can you play this game?

I never thought I'd be running out of love
but this has went on for too long
I don't want to hurt him
he's done nothing wrong

You freely gave the love
that I so desperately needed
it was all I ever wanted
couldn't ask for more


Gazing in self-admiration
'Mirror, mirror, on the wall, am I not the most beautiful of them all? '
It responds to me
'Child, Child, from here on the wall, you are the ugliest, then them all.'

despite my best efforts
no matter what I do
its always the same
without you, without you

Searching, someplace, somewhere....
where we'd feel pain never

stars shine always

please don't turn your back on me
I want to show you
I want to tell you
I want to make you feel

To the memories of one
who despite best efforts will always be scarred
to the tragic 'ever after'
of one eternally marred

Nae Tyler Biography

I'm 17 yrs old & love to write. I think I'm decent at it, but I'm trying to get better, I appreciate any & all advice/criticism! ! I love the feeling of accomplishment you get after finishing writing something good and would want that to be part of my life always. A lot of things I write are dark, thats just my style, I don't think I've actually wrote a happy poem, but thats not important to me. I'm a Christian, so some of my stuff will probably revolve around that. Thats about it.)

The Best Poem Of Nae Tyler

Screw It

We've fought for the last time
and now you're trying your hardest
to just forget
while trying to regain my favor, which you never had
you know, burying the hurt doesn't erase it
I'm through with this
all my life this is how its went
I'm done
so, thank you dearly for the memories
I'd forget them if I could

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Shimon Weinroth 07 September 2008

forgive a wonderful sentiment, poignant nd well done best wishes Shimon

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N N 05 September 2008

your very descriptive in your poems :)

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Nae Tyler Popularity

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