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The Breaking Day

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The day breaks over the trees, beyond the lake below.
Of pain or joy? What shall it be? Can I ever know?
Like time itself the sun will rise with the speed of eternal light.
I face this changing wisp of time the choice of my own plight.

Shall I, with pain, reflect upon the things that have come my way?
Shall misery fall upon itself in heaps of my own decay?
Shall tears my eyes be filled with, as I morn another time.
Give way, will I, to death, despair cease my endeavor to climb.

Perhaps there, as the rays of hope shine down through the trees afar,
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: choice,day,encouragement,life
Dr Antony Theodore 05 April 2016

The day breaks over the trees, beyond the lake below. Today I turn my head away reject heartbreak and sorrow. High in the sky the light will rise with warm and life to give. I take it now, it is my choice, with joy and peace to live. this is really a beautiful poem. daybreak, your sorrows but at the end you end up in hope. this poem becomes very positive... that is the beauty of this poem.. thank you dear poet. tony

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