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Memory Book

Rating: 4.6

What might have been will never be.
I failed to look I did not see.
As life goes by I must grasp
Each moment there before it's passed.

Attention, self! Look not away.
You cannot miss another day.
For each is precious to behold.
We have less days as we grow old.

So many pages in life's book.
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Sunday, March 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life,memories
As we busy ourselves with our life's goals, or just trying to make it, the ones we love are living lives we will have wished we had observed.
Kelly Kurt 05 April 2016

Age clarifies such observations. Well done.

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Edward Kofi Louis 05 April 2016

I failed to look! Life; with memories. Thanks for sharing.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 05 April 2016

very nice poem! Indeed, each moment spent in looking away or shutting our eyes means one memory less in our memory book...Congrats on being poet of the day!

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Ratnakar Mandlik 05 April 2016

Heartiest Congratulations on Poem of the Day.

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Darwin Henry Beuning 05 April 2016

David, welcome to Poemhunter. It is a wonderful place to express yourself. Looking forward to reading more of your poems.

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Mike Smith 05 April 2016

Enjoyed this very much. Clear message, solid meter, flowing rhyme. A well conceived work with an important reminder. Congrats on the honor. Your poem is well worthy of it

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Susan Williams 05 April 2016

Rhythm, rhyme, meaning- -all those boxes checked. Not only checked but done very well. I have great respect for those who can provide those in such a flowing natural as breathing way. This poem deserves special recognition as Poem of the Day! Congratulations!

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Kim Barney 05 April 2016

We do understand things better as we get older. You have expressed yourself well, both in the poem and the notes. Congratulations on having it selected as Member Poem of the Day!

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Tirtho Banerjee 05 April 2016

congrats, David. It is a simple poem with a profound meaning

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Barry Middleton 05 April 2016

Congratulations on Poem of the Day. I relate to the regrets we feel as we grow older.

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