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Growing up, my family relocated a few times settling in Columbus, MS for 10 years and then Florida, where I've made my home for the past 40 years. I've always wanted to leave Florida, but have not managed to do so. I enjoy traveling and venture out every chance I get. I've been to 10 countries so far and my two favorite cities are currently San Francisco, CA and London, England. I've been to each enough to feel at home there.

David Lumpkin Poems

Memory Book

What might have been will never be.
I failed to look I did not see.
As life goes by I must grasp
Each moment there before it's passed.

To Love And To Lose

What good is it to love and to lose, if your love will never be there?
What good is it to love and to lose, if your love you can no longer declare?
What good is it to love with a love that is deeper than ocean or sea?
If the one that you love has been taken away, and mine has been taken from me.

Words Return

A person's words are temporal like the wind that blows outside.
Yet in another person's heart those words cease not abide.
On days while things are good, those good words sure abound.
But on the dark a dreary days, the dark words can be found.

The Breaking Day

The day breaks over the trees, beyond the lake below.
Of pain or joy? What shall it be? Can I ever know?
Like time itself the sun will rise with the speed of eternal light.
I face this changing wisp of time the choice of my own plight.

San Francisco

My heart was left, or so they say,
In San Francisco by the Bay.
On hills beyond, in valleys low,
Inside its gates, my heart's aglow.

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James lumpkin 15 January 2020

Oh, that’s life well, thought.

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